Just another Second Class citizen... (andrew_jp_reyes) wrote in coh_new_york,
Just another Second Class citizen...

Howdy all.

My character list is here, but it's also in my memories for easy updating and checking. Feel free to chat me up if you see me online.

Edit: Hrm, saw that the moderator wants things posted differently so here's the easy version. The updates and brief bio is behind the link above.

.:: :::...... .::::...
My CoH characters.
Ambyrdrake: Virtue: SL 14: Magic Defender: Empathy/Radiation/Teleportation: Sentenels
Mother - 1: Virtue: SL 10: Tech Controller: Illusion/Empathy/Leadership: Bionic 6 (going to rebuild her though to an Illusion/Psionic tonight so this will change.)
Mr. Frostbyte: Liberty: SL 11: Tech Blaster: Ice/Ice: No SG
Strobe: Virtue: SL 21: Mutant Blaster: Energy/Energy/Fitness/Leadership: Sentinels
Wind Runner: Freedom: SL 13: Tech Tanker: Invulnerability/Energy/Leap: Defenders of Liberty and Justice
Yellow Tail: Freedom: SL 7: Natural Scrapper: Claws/Super Reflexes/Speed: No SG
Zoom: Triumph: SL 8: Science Controller: Gravity/Kinetics: No SG
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