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Power Levelling


I have several characters, all on the Liberty server.

My main character is a Mutant Scrapper named Celtic Blade. Currently he's level 18, he has Claws & Invulnerability.

I just recently had a (pardon my French) bitch kitty of a time getting him to 18th level. It took WEEKS (Mostly due to some rather bad teamings that had me in debt for the ENTIRE level, and well into 18th) to get there and I almost gave up on the character.

But, in reading a lot of your posts and the CoH message boards, I've been learning a few things, all of which helped me to finally Level Celt.

The problem is, he's a severely flawed character. He only has two DAM enhancements on his best attacks. He has no travel method yet. I don't wanna remake him because he was my first character and I've spent SO much time on him, but I need to level a few times to get him basically straightened out. (Get Super Jump, more DAM slots, maybe Follow Up or another attack)

So I keep hearing about power levelling, but I'm trying to figure out how to do it. The only way I have heard of is to get a character about five levels higher than me who solos, have them agree to team with me, and them follow them and let them kill and kill and watch my xp grow like crazy.

I know this would work, but BOY it sounds boring. Hell, I have a group of friends who are around 20-22 level and they invite me to go hunting in Talos with them. I go along and if I'm not sked, I'm lucky if I hit some guys one out of three tries. Plus, being a larger team (usually six plus players), I'm only getting like 17 XP for minions who are three levels higher than me.

Don't get me wrong, that teaming helped me go from 5,000 debt to 2,400 in bout two hours last night, as there is SO much stuff to kill in Talos. I'm not complaining.

What I AM asking of you guys is if you have any tips for power levelling other than the one I just mentioned? Even if not power levelling, where should I, at level 18, be going? Any suggestions for the character or of rhunting in general would be appreciated.


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